Safety standards

Your safety is our priority

  • All activities provided by Blackstone Dive Center are covered by general insurance provided by AXA
  • We have a valid contract with decompression chamber and rescue boat
  • Our instructors are contracted and certified to guide dives, teach diving and snorkeling, and manage rescue situations
  • Company cars are equipped with oxygen tanks and first aid kits
  •  Every diver going for an activity with us is obligated to have personal insurance which you can buy at the Dive Center starting from 6€

Who can go diving?

Diving is a safe sport, but as all activities need some rules and standards to prevent potential problems. We offer different activities for participants from 8 years old. Every diver needs to fill the medical statement and if all answers are “NO” then without doubts we can GO DIVING! In case the medical form indicates some possible problems with your health we will ask you to bring special certification from a physician.

Below you can find medical statements in different languages. Choose one and check if you need any medical consultations.

Diver to instructor limits

For your comfort and safety we decided to limit the number of divers as follows:

  • kids between 8 and 12 years old – 1 for 1 instructor
  • non-licensed participants over 12 years old – 2 for 1 instructor
  • licensed divers – 6 for 1 dive guide
  • snorkelers over 12 years old – 8 for 1 guide

In case you want to dive with a bigger group of your friends, we can provide 2 instructors or find an individual solution for you.