Diving insurance

On Tenerife, every diver needs to be insured. We provide diving insurance from AXA which steps in in the event of personal accident and medical emergency.
You can purchase the insurance directly before the dive in our center at the prices listed below.
If your travel insurance covers diving, then it will be enough if you bring us the number of your policy.

Ogo of AXASUb insurance for divers

Insurance Price
1 day 6,50 €
1 week (7 days) 15 €
1 month 25 €
1 year 40 €

Insured guarantees
Death by accident: 8.000 €
Permanent disability: 8.000 €
Repatriation costs in case of death: 2.000 €
Medical expenses at contracted centers: unlimited
Medical expenses in private facilities: 12.000 € (reimbursement)
Civil liability: 150.253,02 €
Search costs, transfers, and treatment in hyperbaric chambers: yes
Scope of global coverage: For Spaniards, foreigners residing in Spain or foreigners during their stay in our country (maximum age 70 years)
Other non-medical/hospital expenses such as rescue, emergency transfers, medicines, medical tests, etc. up to 12.000€
Activities included in the insurance: Scuba diving, non-professional spearfishing (valid for license), surface fishing, freediving, wing surfing, swimming, surfing (board or sail), kitesurfing, paddle surfing, canoeing, wakeboarding, snorkeling, water skiing and jet skiing.