Diving prices depend mostly on how many dives you want to do with us and if you need to rent the equipment. If you want us to prepare an offer for you, just send us an email with a small description about where you will stay, how many dives you want to do and what is your diving experience.

Your first diving experience

for beginners

From 10 years - up to 10m depth
/ 3,5 hours
Basic Diver
Experience the Atlantic Ocean without a license or previous knowledge and try diving. We will guide you through the basic rules in our classroom, train your diving skills in shallow water and do a full dive in the ocean up to 12 meters. Benefit: the digital recognition card acknowledges officially your participation for your next diving course.
Ocean experience made easy
/ 3 hours
Try dive
Have you always wanted to know what it’s like to be connected to the sea and to be a silent observer? In our Try Dive programme, you will get close to the underwater world, forget your everyday life and dive into another world. After a short theory session, we will familiarise you with the basics and take you on a wonderful dive – a lifetime memory.
From 15 years - up to 18m depth
/ 3 days
Open Water
Start directly with your first level of training! Within 3 full days you can obtain the Open Water certification which is honoured all over the world (no time limitations). Let us accompany you on your way to become an autonomous diver during confined and open water dives. We provide diving knowledge, skills training, all materials and a lot of fun.

Non-licensed participants Prices
Basic Diver 109€
Try dive 85€
Open Water certification 499€

Guided dives & further education

for certified divers

Dive in a group
from 80€
/ diving day
Guided dives
Join our group of certified divers for a diving day with 2 dives. Each morning we choose the dive site depending on the weather conditions and the level of the divers. You have also included transport to your hotel if it stays in the free transport zone.
Night owl?
/ sunset
Night dive
Do you want to see nightlife in the waters of Tenerife? Or maybe you are here on holidays with your family and the only time you are free is in the evening? We do night dives on request when we get at least 2 divers and start shortly before sunset time.
Tenerife and a little bit more
/ week
Diving journey
We organise diving trips for a manageable group of certified divers to 2 Canary Islands. From the welcome at the airport to the departure you will be well taken care of. The trip starts and ends on Tenerife and is rounded off with a stopover on a neighbouring island.
Refresh your scuba skills
/ Individual training
Scuba Skills Update
Those who have not dived for a while and have doubts about their diving skills, will find new confidence in this refresher course. The exercises from the Open Water Diver programme may also be helpful when resuming diving education after a time off. Depending on the diving experience, the course can be individually adapted.
5 adventure dives
/ Advanced course
Advanced Adventurer
You are still undecided which speciality suits or interests you? With a comprehensive briefing before each open water dive of your trial program, you can get a taste of different fields of diving in 5 adventure dives. Of course, these training dives will be credited towards a later specialty course of the SSI education system.
Leaving the recreational level
Start your diving career
Dive Professional
If diving is more than your hobby, become a dive professional. You’ll learn how to safely lead dives, evaluate dive conditions and groups, and conduct dive briefings. You’ll use your acquired diving expertise later on when teaching theory lessons or assisting in open water courses, all the way to training beginners.

Licensed divers (own gear) Prices
2 dives (1 day) 80€
4 dives (2 days) 150€
6 dives (3 days) 220€
8 dives (4 days) 285€

Licensed divers (rental gear) Prices
2 dives (1 day) 100€
4 dives (2 days) 190€
6 dives (3 days) 280€
8 dives (4 days) 365€

Supplements Prices
Nitrox 8€

Further education Prices
Scuba Skills Update 199€
Advanced Adventurer 399€

Without scuba equipment


guided snorkeling
/ half day
Guide & Gear
Our snorkel instructor will take you safely into the water to show you the interesting spots at the snorkeling site and is your constant contact for advice on snorkeling and diving. Price includes transport, equipment, and guide. We choose the location depending on the weather and level of the group.
Learn to snorkel
/ half day
Snorkel Diver
Regardless of age, even inexperienced swimmers can gain courage and confidence in the water. You will be familiarised with the equipment and skills for your snorkeling experience to explore the underwater world with its marine life. As a reward, you will also receive an SSI recognition card.
You know how to snorkel?
/ 1 day
Sorry, this service is not available anymore.

Snorkeling Prices
Guide + equipment (minimum 2 persons for a booking) 40€
Snorkel Diver 50€

From 8 years old

for kids

From 8 old
/ 3 hours
Try Dive
Children love the sea and can experience in a first diving experience how it feels to look at the sea creatures very close. The instructor teaches the young divers the initial basic theoretical knowledge and simple exercises. During the subsequent dive to 5 meters they can enjoy everything around them while the diving professional is always by their side.
From 10 years old
/ 4 hours
Basic Diver
Experience the Atlantic Ocean without a license or previous knowledge and begin your very first diving course. We will guide you through the basic rules in our classroom, train your diving skills in shallow water and do a full dive in the ocean up to 12 meters. Benefit: the digital recognition card acknowledges officially your participation for your future diving certification.
From 10 to 14 years old
/ 3 days
Open Water
Prefer to start straight with your diving certificate? Previous diving experience is helpful, but not mandatory. The theoretical knowledge is taught in a child-friendly way and we dedicate 3 days to the practical training. In tiny groups we can focus completely on the needs of the young participants. The depth limit is 12 meters from 10 years and 18 meters from 12 years.

Non-licensed participants (kids) Prices
Try Dive 85€
Basic Diver 109€
Junior Open Water certification 499€

Cooperation, special trainings, insurance

Diver during training

We provide training in SSI and PADI systems. If you are already an Open Water Diver and want to improve your skills and gain new certification, contact us for an offer. We teach up to Instructor level including internships and online training.

Are you an owner of a diving school outside of Tenerife and want to dive with your group here? Contact us and we will prepare for you special offer basing on the size of your group and your needs. We host groups from all over the world and provide a wide range of services for them.

We dive on Tenerife in big groups also
AXASUB - diving insurance - divers

Everyone doing any water activities on Tenerife is obligated to have insurance. If your travel insurance doesn’t cover diving, you can buy it directly at our Dive Center. If you want to use your insurance please bring it with you on the first day you come to us! Thanks!